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Spyder Box 002

Spyder Box 002

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A summer break leads to a series of fun investigations and experiments and the making of young innovative sleuths. Could a few dirty footprints lead them to unlock the answers to their mystery? What are these innocuous powders that mom is hiding in her kitchen? Agent W needs help to identify blood groups to help solve the dumpster mystery. Can Newton and gang figure out a way?

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How do I Start?

Go ahead and open any case file bag that you wish to. Inside the bags you will find a story card with step-wise instructions, a case record card and a data reference card (if needed).

Start with your story card – it has a nail-biting mystery along with instructions for your experiment. All the items you need are in the blue bag (or the yellow loot bag).

Write down your experiment results on the case record card. Pull up the mystery solution card to get a peek into the solution for each case.

The loot bag also contains a buffer stock of items needed for experiments. These stocks help you re-run/ repeat your experiments.

What Will I Learn?

Biology of Blood Types

Characteristics of Soil

Chemistry of Common Powders

Additional Information

Equipment Usage Guide

Clean your equipment before loading a new sample to avoid cross contamination. Also clean your equipment once you have completed the experiment.

Do not mix evidence samples – that can give you false results!

Magnifying glass
For best results, keep 7 – 10 cms from the object. Use the bifocal lens (small circle lens inside the main lens) if you want a higher magnification.

For exact results, squeeze out any air bubbles before loading in the required solvent/liquid.

Blood sample
Shake and tap the blood sample vial thoroughly and make sure there are no lumps.

pH paper
Dip only the tip of the paper into the sample. Otherwise, it could get too muddy to note readings.

Safety Instructions

Tincture of Iodine
Use only diluted solutions as instructed. Do not handle Iodine with naked hands or attempt inhalation. Ideally use should be under adult supervision

  1. Add 0.5 ml of Iodine tincture into an empty vial using a dropper.
  2. Add 2.5 ml of water to the same vial using another dropper.
  3. Close vial firmly and shake. Rinse the dropper thoroughly.